Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Meeps

On Sunday September 1, 2013 Alex and I had two additions to our home. As we were leaving church we found this little guy in the middle of the road.

Then we found his little brother just off the road. I originally picked up the kitten from the street and put him with his brother but looking around and seeing them shiver something was pulling at my heart to take these little ones home, or at least to a shelter.

We loaded up both of the kittens and started on our way. While in the car we called the local animal shelter. The guy on the phone quickly told me to put them back where we found them. The kittens where just 3 weeks old, covered in fleas and it was raining. I knew we couldn't put them back! We went on to Petsmart and thankfully they were having an Adopt-A-Thon so another local shelter was there. Alex and I were able to talk with them and get what the kittens would need for the next couple weeks until we could put them on wet and dry food. They provided us with litter, food and medicine for the kittens.

In only a matter of minutes we became a foster family! We took them over to Alex's parent's and gave them both a bath and some milk. They were still so little that we were able to swaddle them.

After awhile they settled into our home and hearts. Each week they continued to do better and better. We found out that they were anemic from the fleas and had a cold from being outside. They grew and grew and eventually I let them come out to meet our two cats Hobbes and Kingston.

We named them Storm and Cloud.

Storm was named because he had more black on him and because he purrs up a "storm." Cloud was named because he was just so fluffy.

Storm                                                          Cloud

As they grew they each developed their own special personalities and I grew to love them so much! They had the cutest little meow so I nick-named them the Meeps. To this day if you call them Meeps they still turn around and look at you.

From the beginning it was always our plan to give them up for adoption. Last week they went to be neutered and on Saturday we got the call to bring them to Petsmart for the Adopt-A-Thon. I was instantly in tears after I got off the phone. I am still upset about them leaving but I know it was for the best.

Sunday we stopped by to check on them and we found out that Cloud had been adopted Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday I called our shelter contact for an update. Storm is still waiting to be adopted but thankfully he made himself a new friend.

I will certainly miss them but I am so thankful I was able to take care of them and give them a chance at a happy life.

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