Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

I love organization! From alphabetizing the DVDs by title and Books by author to storage bins with labels I so love things to be in their place. One of the problem areas I have noticed lately was under the kitchen sink. It was getting to be a cluttered mess of cleaning products and Wal-Mart bags!

There's the before! I'm a little embarrassed to even show it! Then insert 4 bins and two stack-able bins thanks to the dollar store and now everything has a place! I might even go back and get one more stack-able one I just wasn't sure if three stacked would be too tall.

For me it would be organizing without some labels. They are pretty simple as labels go- handwritten on the back of a 3x5. They read Sink/ Dishwasher, Sanitize, Floors and Dusting. I didn't give the stack-able ones label but in the bottom is the Wal-Mart bags we like to save and the top- trash bags.

We actually use the under the bathroom sink to hold the bathroom clean supplies and a role of paper towels which helps utilize our under the kitchen sink better and a quick easy bathroom clean-up.

Total cost for under the sink organization: $6.00 plus tax! I'm sure you can be even more thrifty but I wanted them to match and be the same size :)

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