Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Blog Begins

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for coming!

Sometimes you may find yourself having all these little hopes for your life. They are there in the back of your mind, "oh I wish I had time for this" or "I hope to be able to do this soon." They are small and do not always require years of working towards and waiting for but they are still hopes nonetheless. My hopes and wishes over the last few years were to:
1. Read a book or more a week. Both fiction and non-fiction.
2. Spend a daily quiet time with the Lord and journal about it. Consistently.
3. Learn new recipes and cook more.
4. Start a Blog.
These things seem like simple hopes and dreams, many may say, "well those are so easy I'm surprised you haven't done it already!" Well just like any hope or wish fears set you back and get in your way. The fears of failure, embarrassment, self doubt in general where all on my list, especially when it came to the idea of blogging! Do I have anything worth writing about? Am I a good enough writer because I know I suck at grammar? Is anything I would add to the blogging world original or just copies of other blogs I've enjoyed reading and follow? But recently God has been working in my life, He has graciously taken those fears away and allowed me the blessing of being a stay at home wife with the time I was looking for to do those four simple things. I hope each person reading my future blog posts will enjoy them and take from them inspiration, knowledge and motivation!

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