Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kick Start Cooking! The Pampered Chef

Just recently I was invited to a Pampered Chef Party, I gladly accepted the invite because I love Pampered Chef Products and all the yummy recipes and tips you get to learn and try. Unknown to me at the time going to that party would change my life! When I left that party I was determined that I could join this business and start selling Pampered Chef, too. I came in under a wonderful director that has a heart to serve and an apt for leadership. She has helped me so much getting started! After much discussion with my husband we decided we would go ahead and take the chance on me and The Pampered Chef business. When I got my Pampered Chef kit in the mail it was literally like Christmas! I carefully unpacked each product and cut out each new recipe.
I knew I was going to be getting quite a few things but it really hit me when the Mail Man had to help me drag it into the house! If you would like to see what is in the new consultant kit you can go here. Just a week later I had my grand opening party with my director! She graciously let me use the date I had chose to use to host a party for her for my party. It was a great success! I was really enjoying all my guests and displaying the great products. From my Grand Opening Party I also earned $60 in free product from The Pampered Chef and I was able to use it to add even more great things to my collection. Before my next party I ordered the Business Building Kit. I really wanted to have the fold out (pictured bottom right) for Booking and Recruiting- Or as I like to call it "sharing the business."
In it also came the Garlic & Brie Baker along with six new spices and new recipes, too! Again, when I opened the package it felt like Christmas! Today marks the end of my 30 days, fitting to post about it today, I think. By God's provision and my sweet friends and family I reached my first two goals and I am so looking forward to enjoying the rewards that it brings.
If your interested in Pampered Chef products or The Pampered Chef business please visit me at my personal website with The Pampered Chef:

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